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Daniel Fikejz was born on the 21st of June 1954 in Prague, Czech Republic, as a son of mother text-writer Jiřina Fikejzová and father athlete Jaroslav Fikejz. From a childhood he used to take piano and composing lessons by prof. Marta Oberthorová. In 1971 he started a first group Yogurt with his friends from high school. In 1974 D.F. launched jazz-rock group Combo FH, where he became a leader, main author, arranger and keyboard player. With Combo FH he recorded two LPs for Panton (Věci 1981 – published by CBS France too, Situace na střeše 1986 – see Discography) and took part in jazz festivals in Europe. In 1978 he has been awarded a Czech critics prize „Ceny Melodie“ for his original compositions.

In 1981 he graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague in audiorecording » show more


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