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Terne Čhave

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TERNE CHAVE is one of hottest and most vibrant Czech live acts on both festival and club scene today. The musicians have their roots in traditional East-European gypsy music. They play and sing old Roma songs, which they have learned from their grandparents, who came to Czechia from Eastern-Slovakian gypsy settlements. But they also compose their own new songs – everyday stories about love and sadness, joy and poverty, women and children, all sung in Roma language. Gypsy roots and emotions are the main ingredients when mixing their music with latin, jazz, rock, flamenco, blues, arabian and jewish spices, folk and urban grooves. Sound of the band is based on 2 guitars and 3 vocals, accompanied with violin, accordion, bass, drums & percussions. With this sound and fusion of styles (gypsy roots » show more


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