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Nebo cibule

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      Skoumal Petr: Nebo cibule (Or Onion)
After many years of “children’s albums”, an album by Petr Skoumal intended mainly for adults has been published. It brings twelve new songs composed to the lyrics by Ivan Wernish, Pavel Šrut, Ivan Blatný and Jan Vodňanský. Particularly poems by Ivan Wernish and Ivan Blatný have been a powerful source of inspiration for Petr Skoumal.
Besides the composer, who serves most of the musical instruments, you can also hear Jan Hrubý, who traditionally plays excellent violin and also sings a duet with Petr Skoumal: “Dvě deci vodky” (Two Gills of Vodka). In several compositions, the pleasant atmosphere is given a final touch by the children’s choir formed by offspring of Skoumal’s theater friends.


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Label: Indies MG
Release date: 10. 10. 2006
Cat. No.: MAM318-3
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stáhnout 01 Hyacinty 01:19
stáhnout 02 Po recepci 04:54
stáhnout 03 Někdy se vytratí naděje 03:01
stáhnout 04 Návštěvníci galerií 04:32
stáhnout 05 Dvě deci vodky 03:41
stáhnout 06 Račte se tvářit 05:23
stáhnout 07 Lež jako věž 01:03
stáhnout 08 Daleká hudba 01:45
stáhnout 09 Z těch malých příběhů 03:40
stáhnout 10 +++ 02:16
stáhnout 11 Na ulici 06:43
stáhnout 12 Zítra nezapomenout 02:18
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