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      Liberec Jarret formed by - Hanka Skřivánková – vocals, flute, Michal Kadlec – vocals, guitar, Bohumil Vašák – vocals, guitar, Marek Štulír – bass guitar, Michal Třešňák – keyboards, vocals + 2 permanent guests Jan Noha – drums, Jan Provazník – mouth-organ – will be able to tick off 10 years of their existence. During these ten years the group has undergone several personal changes (the number of women singers has decreased – on the other hand we can find more instruments), which did not essentially influence the sound and expression of the group. The resource still stays Dylan’s, so many times “heretic”, electrified folk, which is becoming, through the examples of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, but also Alanis Morisett or Sheryll Crow, a gratefully used form.
What is important in the texts is not the aimed attack on our midriffs or the (possible) political involvement. From the already released studio album and also from the scenes a different message should be clear by now…and that is to say, that being together and playing together (we insist on this order), is the same thing. It is a dialogue. A dialogue on the topic that even intangible objects are greatly present that it is possible and necessary to stop the cycle and to touch it, means to ESCAPE (Unikat), which is at the same time the title of the latest album, which concurs and further on elaborates the best features of Czech folk scene, for example songs of ČP.8, Marsyas or early AG Flek. The album consists of eleven songs: Opovrhov, Snažíme se přeslechnout, Hledám vzkaz, Znamení blíženců, Schoulená, Neřeknu ne, Užmito, Venku zuří jaro, Píseň o nejbližší vině, Zakopaný pes, Nebudeme-budeme. Produced by Michal Němec from Jablkoň.


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Label: Indies MG
Release date: 10. 05. 2002
Cat. No.: MAM171-3
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stáhnout 01 Opovrhov 04:32
stáhnout 02 Snažíme se přeslechnout 02:44
stáhnout 03 Hledám vzkaz 04:05
stáhnout 04 Znamení blíženců 02:50
stáhnout 05 Schoulená 02:48
stáhnout 06 Neřeknu ne 02:51
stáhnout 07 Užmito 05:39
stáhnout 08 Venku zuří jaro 04:18
stáhnout 09 Píseň o nejbližší vině 02:50
stáhnout 10 Zakopaný pes 04:22
stáhnout 11 Nebudeme-budeme 04:34
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