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Daniel Fikejz was born on the 21st of June 1954 in Prague, Czech Republic, as a son of mother text-writer Jiřina Fikejzová and father athlete Jaroslav Fikejz. From a childhood he used to take piano and composing lessons by prof. Marta Oberthorová. In 1971 he started a first group Yogurt with his friends from high school. In 1974 D.F. launched jazz-rock group Combo FH, where he became a leader, main author, arranger and keyboard player. With Combo FH he recorded two LPs for Panton (Věci 1981 – published by CBS France too, Situace na střeše 1986 – see Discography) and took part in jazz festivals in Europe. In 1978 he has been awarded a Czech critics prize „Ceny Melodie“ for his original compositions.

In 1981 he graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague in audiorecording technologies and acoustics. In his compositions he always wants to follow and use last up to date technologies, but preferes MEN (not machines) as masters. He gathers inspirations from jazz, rock, serious and also ethnic music.

Since 1983 D. F. has more aimed at scenic (see Theatre) and film (see Film + TV) music across genres. He writes particularly scenic music for dramas (his favourite author is William Shakespeare) and he cooperates with respected directors in many theatres in the Czech republic, Slovakia, Sweden (since 1995 Teatr Sörmland in Nyköping), Poland and France – altogether more than 120 premieres. He has also composed three musicals and two ballets. In addition he was asked to compose for such interesting multimedia projects (see Multimedia). He also composes music for short films and TV shots, theme tunes for TV and radio stations etc. (see Other Work).

In cooperation with Swedish theatre Teater Sörmland he finished music for Middle Ages musical Musikalen Nyköpings Gästabud (premiere 2006-07-01 in Nyköping).

In December 2008 music publishing company Indies publishes on 2 CD-s all records of Combo FH remastered. As a bonus there are 30 minutes of unpublished records so far. On the pack you can find archival photos, reviews and up to date interview with Daniel Fikejz too.

In October 2013 he comes with his new album „Dog Watchmaker“


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